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Success Story 7
31 YO F (NI)
Pre Treatment
Success Story 7
Right upper thyroid nodule which is enlarging and causing more symptoms. Her TSH is chronically suppressed, although she has no overt symptoms of hyperthyroidism. She has been recommended to undergo a right thyroid lobectomy which she has refused. She found the Thyroid Nodule Treatment Center where she was found to have a 5.8 ml right upper thyroid nodule. A biopsy and nuclear imaging were obtained. The nuclear imaging demonstrated a hot nodule in the right upper pole with suppression of the remainder of her thyroid gland. The diagnosis of an autonomous nodule was established.

Her nodule continued to enlarge in size up to 9.38 ml. It was treated with 13,300 Joules using
a 5 ml RFA probe.

Post Treatment:
1 Month
31 YO F (NI)

1 Mo
Post Treatment:
3 Months
31 YO F (NI)

3 Mo
6 Mo
Post Treatment:
6 Months
31 YO F (NI)

8 Mo
12 Mo
Post Treatment:
8 Months
31 YO F (NI)

18 Mo
Post Treatment:
12 Months
31 YO F (NI)

Post Treatment:
18 Months

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