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Success Story 9: 50 YO F
Pre Treatment
Initial Situation

Left thyroid nodule for over 7 years has been growing and causing increasing pressure and discomfort, as well as difficulty in moving her neck. The complex cystic nodule measures 5.8 x 4.8 x 4.0 cm and has a volume of 45 ml.


This lesion was not appropriate for percutaneous ethanol ablation due to the significant solid component.  

One Month Post

30 days after RFA she notes considerable decrease in the size of the mass, with the volume now measuring 18.5 ml in size.  This is a 65% volume reduction.  She notes that her neck tightness is much improved.

Three Months Post

90 days after RFA her symptoms of neck tightness, movement restriction, and swallowing symptoms have resolved completely.  Her nodule now measures 9.5 ml which is an 80% reduction in nodule volume. She sees a considerable improvement in her neck appearance.  Overall, she is delighted to have avoided surgery and preserved her thyroid gland. 


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