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Success Story 3: 44 YO F
Pre Treatment
RFA Patient Success Story
Initial Situation

Known thyroid nodule since 2014, now with symptoms of choking, difficulty swallowing, and foreign body sensation (something stuck in her throat). Severe anxiety at night when trying to sleep because of difficulty breathing. Her US report measure her left thyroid lobe nodule as 5.5 x 3.9 x 5.1 cm two years prior to her current evaluation. Her thyroid function is normal. TSH 0.65, Free T4 1.3. All biopsies have been benign. Her current ultrasound demonstrates a 79 ml nodule (6.2 x 4.2 x 5.9 cm) which has a prominent internal cystic component. She elected to undergo US guided cyst decompression to temporarily reduce the size of the nodule. Over the next few weeks, she experienced significant relief, so then elected to undergo a repeat US guided cyst aspiration, immediately followed with US guided RFA of her prominent left thyroid nodule.


US guided cyst aspiration of a 79 ml nodule to remove 20 cc of clear fluid, followed by US guided RFA of the residual 59 ml nodule using the moving-shot technique. 66,000 Joules of energy was applied over 21 minutes.

One Month Post
RFA Patient Success Story

She reports significant improvement in her swallowing from 3 times daily to 2 times weekly. She reports improvement in chewing, swallowing, and breathing. Her thyroid nodule now measures 30.5 ml in size which is a 58% volume reduction in about 30 days! TSH 0.01, Free T4 1.8. Free T3 4.8

Three Months Post
RFA Patient Success Story

She notes dramatic improvement in her compressive symptoms. TSH 1.99. Her thyroid nodule volume is now 19.28 which is a 75% volume reduction.

Six Months Post
RFA Patient Success Story

Her neck swelling has resolved, and her thyroid nodule is no longer visible. Repeat US demonstrates the nodule measures 18.62 ml, a 76% volume reduction. She no longer experiences symptoms from her thyroid gland.

One Year Post
RFA Patient Success Story

She has no symptoms from her thyroid gland. Her central treated area measure 11 cc, there is a viable rim of thyroid tissue now measuring a total of 26 ml. Volume reduction now 65%. This will continued to be monitored every 6 months.

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