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Success Story 4: 74 YO F
Pre Treatment
RFA Patient Success Story
Initial Situation

Obvious neck deformity from large right thyroid nodule. Normal thyroid function. She had tried radioactive iodine for a nodule on in the past which only worked on one side. She wishes to eliminate deformity but adamantly refuses surgery. Does not want to remove a functioning organ. Biopsies benign x 2. TSH normal at 1.8. Nodule volume 70 ml


70 ml nodule ablated with 15 mm RFA probe using 252,621 joules.

One Month Post
RFA Patient Success Story

She states symptoms of tightness much improved. Notes significant decrease in nodule size. Nodule now 46 ml in volume, TSH now 5.45. 34% volume reduction

Three Months Post
RFA Patient Success Story

She states she notices some improvement. Nodule now 42.5 ml in volume. TSH now back to normal at 3.55. 40% volume reduction

Six Months Post
RFA Patient Success Story

She still feels not nodule feels smaller. Now measures 41.2 ml in volume. 42% volume reduction

18 Months Post

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