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Success Story 8
50 YO F (AN)
Pre Treatment
Success Story 8
Mild hyperthyroidism for four years with symptoms associated with tachycardia and heat intolerance. In the past she has refused surgery and was delighted to learn about thyroid RFA as an option. She has a visible left thyroid nodule which is over 4.72 cm in largest dimension and 12.5 ml in volume. The patient has had an I-123 iodine uptake scan in the past which identifies this lesion is an autonomous (toxic) nodule.

TSH < 0.08 Free T4 1.29 Free T3 3.9

RFA of a left 12.5 ml toxic thyroid nodule using 22,500 joules

Post Treatment:
1 Month
50 YO F (AN)

1 Mo
Post Treatment:
3 Months
50 YO F (AN)

RFA the thyroid now measures 3.85 ml in size (down by 70% in
size) and her thyroid function testing is completely normal. Her cardiac symptoms are
much improved.

3 Mo
6 Mo
Post Treatment:
6 Months
50 YO F (AN)

8 Mo
12 Mo
Post Treatment:
8 Months
50 YO F (AN)

18 Mo
Post Treatment:
12 Months
50 YO F (AN)

Post Treatment:
18 Months

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