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Dear Colleague,


A non-surgical option for treating patients with symptomatic thyroid nodules is now available. As an endocrine surgeon, I have been performing thyroid surgery for over twenty-six years. 


During the past four years I have been performing Thyroid Nodule Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA), I have been impressed, along with my patients, with the dramatic change in thyroid nodule size. The patients experience relief of their symptoms while retaining their thyroid function, without requiring thyroid surgery!

Patients who suffer from large benign symptomatic thyroid nodules may now undergo a procedure performed under local anesthesia in my office. The rapid decrease in the nodule size provides the relief of symptoms. Additionally, autonomously functioning nodules previously treated with thyroid lobectomy or radioactive iodine now may achieve immediate relief with a targeted procedure.


Patients to refer:

  • Patients with symptoms of choking, foreign body sensation (lump in throat), difficulty breathing, hoarseness, chronic coughing

  • Enlarged thyroid nodules over 2 cm

  • Visible deformity from an enlarged thyroid nodule

  • Toxic thyroid nodules

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